A Showcase for Seashell Art
"Mosaic Shell-Fish - Ostraconophobia - 2007".

"This whimsical little piece was created for competition in the Novelty category of the 2007
Sanibel Shell Show.  The little mosaic measures only about 3" high, and I chose to name it
"Ostraconophobia", which is an actual term meaning the fear of shellfish.  Of course, given its
humorous intent, I modified that to read, "Fear of Shell-Fish (especially when dining!)".  See the
frightened little worm-like creature in front of the shell-fish?  These little guys won a first-place
ribbon at the Sanibel Show!  The mosaic incorporates many types of tiny shells and sea life.  
The fish's body is made of Baby Cups, Calico Scallops, Gar Fish Scales, and the eyes consist of
Fairy Tellin & Opercula.  The body of the little worm is a white Worm Case, and the head is a
Catfish Pearl.  The sea floor surrounding the mosaic contains Red Pipe Coral, Sea Fans,
Seahorse, Barnacles, Coral, and perfectly formed miniature shells, including Wenteltraps."
Mosaic Shell Fish  
by Cheryl Whitten
Item #CW003